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Crescent Elementary PTA


“I KNOW MY STATES (& Capitals)”

Any and all students are welcome to join in this enriching experience of knowing our country. It is a wonderful opportunity for all Cougars to become well prepared while having fun with a variety of learning tools and games on how to learn where our states and capitals are in America. All grades are invited to participate! Each student who passes the states or capitals test will receive a certificate and/or award.

Dear Parents and Students,

Are you ready for the “I Know My States & Capitals” Challenge? The goal of this event is to encourage our students (grades 1-6) to become familiar with United States geography. Students who can 100% match the numbered states on the US map to the corresponding state names, will earn a special certificate to a neighborhood restaurant.

We will offer an additional day of US State Capitals Testing (grades 1-6), to see who can match the listed 50 capitals to the correct state. The students who correctly match 100% of their capitals will get to enjoy a popsicle at lunch recess on Thursday, March 21st.


Dates: (Tests will be conducted at their regular AM Recess time in the MPR)


I Know My STATES ~ Friday, March 15th

I Know My CAPITALS ~ Monday, March 18th

**Restaurant Certificates for States Winners will go home Thurs., March 21st

**POPSICLE Party for Capital Winners at lunch recess ~ Thurs., March 21st

Helpful Hints:
-We encourage you & your child to find a 50 states & capital song. Repetition is helpful.
-Break up the country into the 5 Regions. Master 1 region of states/capitals before moving on. -A US Map puzzle is also a helpful way to study. Begin with a few states on the west coast first. Allow your child to master 1 region at a time before adding a few more states or puzzle pieces. **Apps to download for practice: Stack the States and 50 US states - Quiz **


Good luck Cougars!


**TK & Kinder students will be tested separately by their teachers on “I Know My Address & Phone Number”. TK & K winners will receive a popsicle!

Please contact Shannon Munoz at if you have any questions or would like to volunteer and help be a part of this fun event. Thank you.

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