What is PTA?

PTA is a National Organization and stands for Parent Teacher Association. At the National and State level, PTA advocates for our schools and children. The people who represent PTA in Washington DC and Sacramento spend their time understanding how laws impact our schools and children. It is the mission of PTA to advocate and support legislation that will benefit all children, schools and families across the country and California. For more information, visit www.capta.org

What is Fourth District PTA?

Fourth District PTA is the umbrella organization of the twenty councils which represent all of Orange County and a small portion of LA County. The mission of Fourth District PTA is to empower councils, units, families and community members to become effective advocates for their own schools and children. For more information, visit www.fourthdistrictpta.org

What is Crescent PTA?

Here’s where we come in! Crescent PTA , the same as the other PTAs of OUSD and Orange County, is comprised of our school’s own parents and local community members, working together to achieve our school’s specific goals for our kids. The PTA MEMBERS ( ~ YOU! ~) are the voice and drivers of the events and programming that we organize for our kids! The PTA EXECUTIVE BOARD’s mission is to help foster a welcoming and positive environment for all of our Crescent families…and to understand, as best as we can, what our parents would like to see implemented in order to enrich our children’s experience at school! We achieve this goal in two ways:

  • By holding meetings on a monthly basis to discuss and obtain feedback regarding the programming and events we provide. All are welcome to come and all opinions are heard! It is a friendly and casual environment! We sincerely encourage anyone to swing by!
  • By fundraising annually to pay for the programs that are scheduled!

When you become a PTA MEMBER, your $15 membership dues are the first step in fundraising for our programs here at Crescent. When we all get together and become members of Crescent PTA, that $15 turns into a larger sum and really starts working for our kids! As a member, you are also further exposed to the happenings here at Crescent Elementary by way of PTA communications and a network of parents and teachers! There is no further commitment upon becoming a member!