Fundraising Explained

Who Fundraises at Crescent Elementary?

When you come to Crescent Elementary, you will likely find that there is a lot of fundraising going on! It’s true! We have many amazing programs and organizations within the Crescent community and all of them require supplemental funding! (this IS California, after all!) It can be confusing to understand which group is asking for support and for what reason! Let us help break it down!

The most common fundraising groups at Crescent Elementary are:

Crescent PTA

6th Grade Outdoor Science School (aka. “Outdoor Ed”)

Crescent Robotics


Crescent PTA Fundraising

Crescent PTA is the largest fundraising group at our school. Our fundraising events include our Membership Drive at the beginning of the year and usually one of several large events, like Step It Up, Color Run, and West Coast Fundraising Catalog Sales (wrapping paper, home goods, candy, etc.).

The money we raise sets the budget for our PTA programs that year. The programs the PTA provides to Crescent Elementary students include:

  • Art Masters, Assemblies & Art Teachers (TK-6)
  • Music (TK – 4) (5th & 6th have district-funded VAPA program)
  • Walk Through History, Live Interactive History Program (4-6)
  • OC Dept. of Education Science Assemblies & Programs (TK-3 + 5th Grade Standards Review)
  • Library Fund
  • Technology in the Classrooms (ex. iPads, Smartboards)

PTA Funding and Volunteers also help provide the following academic events in order to enrich our children’s learning experiences:

  • Scholastic Book Fair (Fall & Spring)
  • I Know My States, US States Challenge & Pizza Party
  • Reading Counts Program
  • Reflections, National Art Recognition & Achievement Program
  • Science Fair
  • Spelling & Geography Bee

PTA Funding and Volunteers also provide the following school events to enrich our community and children’s school experiences:

  • Fall Festival
  • International Fair
  • Red Ribbon Week Assemblies
  • Daddy/Daughter or Mother/Son Dance
  • Movie Night
  • Holiday Craft Workshop
  • Bingo Night
  • Yearbook
  • Book Exchange
  • Career Day
  • Foundation Games
  • Birthday Book Club & Pencils


Crescent Elementary 6th Grade “Outdoor Ed” Fundraising

Every year, Crescent sends its 6th Graders on a week-long, overnight field trip called Outdoor Science School or “Outdoor Ed.” This field trip is the *HIGHLIGHT* of 6th Grade and typically takes place at Emerald Cove Outdoor Science Institute in the San Bernardino Mountains. ( Because this field trip is expensive, Crescent provides its families an opportunity to raise funds for their individual students, starting in 3rd Grade. These fundraisers are organized by our front office staff as a service to our families, and typically consist of a Fall Catalog (ex. Mixed Bag), Holiday Wreath Sale, Spring See’s Candy Fundraiser, and SCRIP.

The money that each family raises, from 3rd Grade onward, goes directly into their own student’s Outdoor Ed Savings Account, and is applied when that child reaches 6th Grade and heads to Outdoor Science School. Any money raised prior to 3rd grade goes into the general school fund for this field trip. Families with more than one student can apply all family earnings towards the first child heading to 6th Grade. Families may also roll-over any remaining money to additional children. For questions regarding this fundraising, please speak with Debrah Hewitt in our front office. She will be happy to answer any questions!

Crescent Robotics Fundraising

Our Award Winning Robotics Team is source of great pride for us at Crescent Elementary! The families of the students on this team incur great expense in order to participate in this program every year. Therefore, you will frequently see them selling pizza, soda, and snacks, or doing basket raffles, at many PTA and school events. The money raised with this fundraising helps to cover the team’s expenses. These families put a lot of time and effort into providing food for events and quality baskets for those who win them. Please support our Robotics Team whenever you get the chance!