Crescent Elementary Spelling Bee

It’s time to gear up for our annual


From: Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Wilson, and Mrs. Nellesen, Spelling Bee Coordinators

This is the first step toward:

  1. Being named among Crescent Elementary’s top 2017-2018 spellers
  2. The Orange County Spelling Bee, at the Orange County Department of Education, February 26, 2018 (Open to 6th grade Champion and 1st and 2nd Runners-Up)
  3. 3. The $1,000 National Kids Spelling Bee, in Long Beach, March 11, 2018 (Open to ALL 3rd , 4th , and 5th grade Finalists)

The preliminary round is a written spelling test and will take place in each classroom on Wednesday, December 6th. Students absent on the day of the preliminary round forfeit participation. Each teacher will administer the preliminary round spelling test, using a provided word list for the grade level of about 15 words. **Mrs. Tamaki will announce the grade level finalists on Friday, December 15th.**

Classroom teachers will grade the preliminary round spelling tests and forward the results to a Spelling Bee Coordinator. Individual scores and classroom results may not be provided until final grade level results are announced by Mrs. Tamaki. Scores are tabulated across each grade level and the top spellers in each grade, school wide, as determined by their score in the preliminary round, will advance to their grade level’s final round Spelling Bee:

  • 3rd Grade: Monday, 1/22 at 1:00 in the Cafeteria
  • 4th Grade: Tuesday, 1/23 at 1:15 in the Cafeteria
  • 5th Grade: Friday, 1/26 at 1:15 in the Cafeteria
  • 6th Grade: Thursday, 1/25 at 1:15 in the Cafeteria

The official dictionary and source of words for the Crescent Elementary Spelling Bee is the same as used by the Scripps National Spelling Bee: Webster’s Third New International Dictionary and its addenda section, copyright 2002, Merriam-Webster, ( Webster’s Third ) is the final authority for the spelling of words. All words given in competition are entries in Webster’s Third.

To prepare for the preliminary round, read the information packet downloaded from the PTA website and study the word lists below:


Download Spelling Bee Information Packet 2017-2018

Grade 3 – Spelling Bee Study Words 2017-2018

Grade 4 – Spelling Bee Study Words 2017-2018

Grade 5 – Spelling Bee Study Words 2017-2018

Grade 6 – Spelling Bee Study Words 2017-2018

Grade 7 – Spelling Bee Study Words 2017-2018


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