Pedestrian & Vehicle Safety on Campus

Crescent Families,
To accommodate our students coming onto our campus from the neighborhood west of our school, the Gerda gate near our kindergarten will be open for grades TK thru 6th at 7:45 am. Thank you for your cooperation.

Just a reminder, the bus gate will remain closed until 2:30 pm for student safety.



  • Make sure your child is prepared to get out of the car quickly and safely when dropping them off in the morning.    STUDENTS HAVE BEEN DOING A GREAT JOB LATELY!
  • Have back packs and musical instruments ready to go on laps or in front at their feet in the car, instead of unloading items from the trunk, which slows down traffic and can be unsafe as cars pull up from behind.
  • Have your child unload from the passenger side of the car, never from the driver’s side into moving traffic.
  • Parents do not need to get out of cars to open passenger doors for their children; the kids have shown us that they are able to do this on their own now.
  • Do not drive in the middle of the two drive-thru lanes, which are next to the yellow loading zone.
  • Cars may not park on the grass “islands” in the lot  (it breaks our lawn sprinklers).

Click HERE to download School Policies and Parking Lot Safety